My name is Stephen Colvin. I live in New York City and this is my website.

We’re transforming the website into my personal repository of resource materials, documents, experiences and events, which help shape my teaching and coaching philosophy, making it available to anyone.

Both Athletes and Musicians produce magic if they love what they do. However, pursuing an athletic career or a career in music is almost always an either/or proposition. Here, we will embrace both. There are many similarities in which one pursuit informs the other. When blended in a single person, in the right proportion, amazing benefits can result. 

Learning something new, playing a new instrument or playing a new sport, is not easy. It’s okay to feel frustrated and confused and think of yourself as being really stupid because you’re not getting it. We need to become novelty seekers looking to balance the familiar and the new. 

Seehearmusic.com is about taking ideas from one place and applying them to another and learning how sports and music, seen as inseparable, can enrich one’s life in a multitude of positive ways.

Being a writer full-time means blocking out space, which I don’t have, so don’t expect frequent updating. Once here, it has passed the test.

Primarily intended for all my curious colleagues, family and friends may be interested to know what I’ve been up to for the last couple decades.

The site seehearmusic.com will remain with content that has broadened considerably to include more detailed information on learning processes.

The first and most impressive change is that you can now go to this site to get what you need, all you need, to become a well-trained musician.

The 48! The entire WTC Books One and Two waiting to be printed out and on your piano! Piano teachers should be ecstatic with the ease in accessing this profound work! But that’s not all. You can also see and hear the music!!! Yes, each Prelude and Fugue is just a click away!

Okay, it’s just the machine playing the notes, but just the pure sound of just the notes is still pretty great! And if you have a synthesizer, you can play around with it! Change from the piano sample to other instruments.

If you don’t like the tempo of a particular Prelude or Fugue, you can just order the Finale File and change it yourself!!! That’s right! Never has this work been presented in such an ingenious and convenient way to learn. 

And I’ll be adding short videos that will help you on your journey.

Religion is an internal spiritual world, and I have my own, with my god, Johann Sebastian Bach. I mean, why not?

— Jack Kevorkian